Clever brands present their products across multiple media platforms. They are agile and receptive to technology and importantly understand their audience’s media intake is fluid.

SceneOn’s focus is working with clients that are looking for a media edge that want to develop increased brand awareness, and continually commit to presenting them on diverse media platforms.

Video Overlay

What if you were able to take your standard TVC and integrate additional touch points for the viewer to explore?

Recently, we presented this very thinking to one of our valued clients. 'Jumpro' by Urban X is a new spring-loaded scooter. This spring technology allows its riders to get the ultimate air. And now, you can explore what was originally a 30-second TVC to watch some of the tricks in slow mo, view additional product features, and really see the product in action.

The opportunities with an interactive film are endless , depending on the brand and product - you can to link to e-commerce, include merchandise and a variety of tips and other content throughout the spot. This approach also allows for engaging narrative stories to have a commercial edge, providing the ideal blend between creativity and sales. If an interactive film is something you’d like to discuss, drop us a line: clare@sceneon.com.au


Dir: Coyle

Builders Academy

Dir: Coyle


Recent Work Reel

Chill Factor

Dir: Coyle

Jumpro - Urban X

Dir: Coyle


Motion Design/VFX Reel


Sports Reel

TAC - Long Shot

Dir: Coyle

Rainbow Loom

Dir: Coyle

Rebel Sport

Dir: Coyle


Dir: Coyle

Swann Insurance

Dir: Coyle

2014 International ECHO Awards, San Diego

November 17, 2014

Each year the DMA’s ECHO Awards honour excellence in creativity, marketing strategy and results driven campaigns. Over 1,000 entries are submitted by agencies and advertisers worldwide. This year, the International ECHO Awards were held in San Diego. This year we were part of a winning team.


We Can Fix It - Post Production

September 22, 2014

When the Sense agency approached SceneOn to create a television commercial for the new Builders Academy Australia, we were more than excited to show them how our post team could help develop the creative.


Making Of - Builders Academy

September 22, 2014

When SceneOn were asked if they could produce an action packed TVC to grab the attention of young builders, we said of course we 'f***ing' can. 'We Can Fix It' was filmed over one day with a pre day of stunt rehearsal. The shoot involved a team of very experienced riggers to make our Bob fly, the largest green screen Diggers Rest has ever seen, and the construction of replicated timber frames of our construction site we were filming in.


The Good the Bad & the Wobbly - Post Production

August 29, 2014

SceneOn’s latest international spot plays with the epic qualities of Sergio Leone’s classic Spaghetti Western genre, and adds their own element – Jelly. It was our second spot for Funtastic’s Chill Factor brand and they couldn’t have been happier


Once upon a time in the West - Behind The Scenes

August 06, 2014

SceneOn, Funtastic and the Creative team at Madman are getting ready to launch a new modern classic to the Spaghetti Western genre. Watch a quick teaser below and keep your eye out for the full TVC coming soon.


5 year old Ronan suffers from 'chronic pain' everyday.

August 05, 2014

SceneOn has recently helped design a charity commercial to raise awareness for ‘chronic pain’. At the centre of the story is a 5 year old boy called Ronan, who suffers from arthritis, and needs a form of chemo therapy every week. Our location was Kerferd Road Pier in Port Melbourne. Filming commenced on a freezing, wet and rainy day which was the perfect weather to highlight the intended mood of the clip, not so great weather for the 30 extras standing on the pier. Thankfully everyone kept in high spirits, as we knew we were all out in the cold for such an important cause! If you would like to make a direct donation to ANZCA to improve the research of pain medicine please visit www.anzca.edu.au or call 03 9093 4999.


Slushy Mania!

July 23, 2014

Get ready to rumble with SceneOn's latest collaboration with Funtastic and the creative team at Madman Entertainment. This entertaining spot for the slushy maker showcases a wrestling match for the ages as our hero, Slushy Maker - fresh from the freezer - takes on his nemesis the Slushy Machine. Immerse yourself in the fun of this crazy showdown by viewing a quick behind the scenes video in the 'READ MORE' section and don't forget to check out the 60second spot in our featured videos section. Ding Ding!


2million 3D rubber bands created for rainbow Loom TVC

June 01, 2014

SceneOn has once again teamed up with the guys and girls at Funtastic to create a vibrant new international spot for the famous ‘Rainbow Loom’ bands. Rainbow Loom’s have become a household name after sweeping the nation and grabbing hold of our children’s imagination and this spot proved an exciting opportunity for the team and our facilities. Director Andrew Coyle was inspired to bring the Rainbow Loom product to life in a fun and engaging way. With the help of our experienced in house editors and motion designers, he was able to create a Rainbow Loom world via impressive VFX. The story follows Maddie and her family - all rainbow loom fans - as their everyday world is turned into a fantasy filled looming adventure. Bring yourself into this fun filled world by watching the spot in our featured videos section now.


Indian car giant launches in Australia

March 25, 2014

ZOO Advertising called on SceneOn director, Matt Holcomb, to direct TATA Motors' first home-grown commercial -- a fast, furious and gritty spot for the Xenon and its variants. TATA is an indian car giant and recent acquirer of the legendary Jaguar and Land Rover franchises. Shot amongst the dusty, rugged -- and anonymous -- vastness of Victoria, Matt's Xenon spot is a cinematic and atmospheric affair that combines stunning landscape imagery with dynamic vehicle action -- often in the one shot. View the spot in our featured videos section now.


The Journey To Success

March 11, 2014

SceneOn, Federation University Australia and Cubed Communications joined forces once again to create two unique stories about the pursuits of success. The 'Business' and 'Bugs' spots, follow the passions of two distinct characters as they build their dreams into successes with help from the University over three important life stages. The spots -directed by Andrew Coyle and Matt Holcomb respectively - were created to highlight the impact the University can have in shaping a career path, using strong character acting, impressive storytelling and beautiful cinematography they deliver an emotive and powerful message. Following on from the brand launch commercials shot last year, the spots were filmed using anamorphic lenses on the ARRI Alexa, this time with Edward Goldner behind the camera. Over three days on location in the city of Ballarat, Creswick golf course and the University campus the scripts were brought to life with the help of creative stand by props and costume designers, strong direction, instinctive actors and the help of staff and students alike.


Triple J's 'Cut To The Beat' Winners

February 26, 2014

The Cut to the beat competition organised by radio station Triple J was recently run as a chance for filmmakers to create a unique music video for Sydney based popular rock group Jinja Safari. Here at SceneOn we are proud to announce the involvement of our latest addition to the directing/animation ranks Teresuac with co-director Karleen Groupierre in the winning entry. Over a period of a few days the two French directors set out to film some of Melbourne's best known landmarks with the idea to bring them to life in an intriguing manner through their post production skills. Armed with a Canon camera, a strong idea and a goal the couple embarked on a trip in a city they are just getting to know themselves, travelling through the CBD, our renowned beaches and finally the Melbourne Zoo to capture there cast acting in their feature roles. After many hours spent in SceneOn's post production suite the directors completed there ambitous and distinct take on the song 'Mombassa On the Line' to be named deserving winners. As part of the reward for their success, the clip will screen as part of ACMI's huge Music Video Exhibition: Spectacle as well as part of the FLUX Screening series in California where they will be flown over to be in attendance. Congratulations Karleen and Teresuac!


TAC - Rainbow Kick and CALD

February 13, 2014

As the A-league football season got ready to kick off agency Lifelounge once again approached the SceneOn team to create a series of safety messages for the TAC. Gathered at the Lakeside stadium in Albert Park we set out to create two unique spots which delivered a message of Slow Down and Stay in Control in two very different ways. Both directed by Coyle, The Rainbow Kick spot showcases Melbourne Victory Captain and current Socceroo star Mark Milligan performing a highly skilled manoeuvre in slow motion. The second spot highlights the Victory's foreign backgrounded players performing something from their bag of tricks whilst delivering the safety message in the native tongue, French, Lebanese, Portuguese, Italian, Greek and English respectively. All the imagery was captured on the high speed Photron camera at up to 2000 frames highlighting our message to slow down. Watch the spots in our featured videos section now.



December 06, 2013

From the streets of Paris we present renowned Visual Effects artist Teresuac. A rare talent has landed on our shores, his work is intricate and concise but at the same time their is complete freedom to each form he creates. Having worked with some of the most prestigious film and animation houses in France, Teresuac has helped create commercials for world brands such as Nike, Samsung and Lacoste. Take the time to view some of Teresuac's work on his Director and Motion Designer pages, from his award winning short films to the brilliantly crafted TVCs and experimental pieces.


Federation University Australia launches new brand spot.

October 10, 2013

Nine days of shooting and countless kilometres across the state of Victoria led us to the renaming of an Australian educational institution, a name that is 140 years old. When agency Cubed Communications presented us with the idea for the new Federation University Australia campaign, it was an opportunity to be apart of one of the biggest things to happen in Australian education in a long time and we were more than happy to be apart of it... (Click read more for a behind the scenes look at the creation of the spot)


Lomo Lenses

October 10, 2013

I have a passion for anamorphic lenses that was informed by my love of cinema. To me, these lenses ARE cinema: the format was developed to restore the lustre of the silver screen in the 1950s when the advent of television dulled its attractiveness, the idea being that a frame with dimensions that better approximated a human being's wider field of view would prove irresistible. It did....



August 09, 2013

Important cause, absorbing animation. SceneOn recently got together with Prostmate to create two online awareness campaigns providing information and support for men suffering from prostate cancer. Resident VFX artist Goldy used a large variety of graphical, movement and illustration based styles to provide a polished and captivating finish on both spots. You can view the spots now in our featured videos section above and get informed about a worthwhile cause in the process.



August 08, 2013

SceneOn's VFX/Motion design team were recently asked to put the finishing touches - the cream on top if you will - on the latest series of TVC's created for the new Dairy Australia campaign, Legendairy. The TVC's which were produced by agency CumminsRoss required a liquid style write on effect to produce the end logo and our team were more than happy to help. Click read more to view one of the many spots.


Open Day

July 18, 2013

It's Open Day once again for the University of Ballarat and once again SceneOn and Cubed Communications have united to create an exciting animation based spot to promote it. SceneOn's very own Goldy took the driver's seat to create a colourful, motion based thirty second piece to showcase the many areas of study and lifestyle that take place within the University. Take a look at the spot now in our featured videos section.


The Roar Is Back

March 05, 2013

SceneOn recently teamed up with leading sports marketing agency, Turnstile 4, to produce the emotion-charged 2013 membership commercial for the Richmond Football Club.  Directed by SceneOn’s Matt Holcomb, and filmed on location at the iconic MCG, the membership spot features evocative imagery and strong physical and voice-over performances by newly-appointed captain, and 2012 All-Australian, Trent Cotchin.  According to Matt, “I’m a lifelong fan of Australian Rules football, so it was a thrill and a privilege to shoot at the MCG and build a performance with future Hall of Famer, Trent Cotchin - as instinctive a performer in front of the camera as he is on the field.”   The Richmond Football Club membership spot is a compelling and emotive call to action, and forms the centrepiece of the club’s marketing campaign for season 2013, built around the dual themes of resurgence and roar emotion.


Direct Application

March 01, 2013

SceneOn has once again joined forces with Agency Cubed Communications to provide the latest commercial for the University Of Ballarat. 'Direct Application' uses a lighthearted and comical approach to portray the message that the University can provide any type of career path their students are searching for. Matt Holcomb jumped behind the Director's cutout whilst brother Trevor filled the Editor's role in what has been a busy period for the duo. Watch the spot in the featured videos section above and potentially find a new career along the way.


Slow Down and Stay In Control

February 18, 2013

SceneOn and Lifelounge Agency recently hit the pitch with TAC to create their latest set of safety messages with the theme to 'Slow Down and Stay In Control'. The series which features 3 of A-league club Melbourne Victory's Biggest stars Archie Thompson, Adrian Leijer and Marcos Flores, was shot using a high speed Phantom camera on location at Albert Park's Lakeside Stadium. All three commercials deliver beautiful imagery alongside a strong and important message to all road users. SceneOn Invites you to view the spots in the featured video section. A quick behind the scenes video of the shoot is also available to view in the read more section, to give a lighter look behind a serious message. Enjoy.


Rebels Dream Team in the Spotlight

February 05, 2013

When you bring up the topic of football up in Australia, there is bound to be plenty of debate. Who is the best player? Who is the best team? Most importantly which is the best code? SceneOn, Agency BD Network and Rebel Sport have joined forces to try and put the arguments to rest. Bringing together some of the best talent from the AFL, NRL and A-League, Football United showcases a fun and energetic mash up of all 3 codes in the ultimate game of fantasy football. Shot at Western Sydney's Parramatta Stadium, Football United is bound to bring together fans of all sports. The debates may well continue, but what can't be debated are the entertaining results Football United delivers, check it out in the Featured Projects section now.


Take the Tour de Park

February 01, 2013

It was a race for the yellow jacket when SceneOn and agency AJF Partnership teamed up to create the latest TVC for Diamondback Bicycles. Shot on location at the beautiful Oakridge winery, this light hearted spot shows a young family having a nice day out bike riding - with a bit of a difference. Take the Tour de' Park in our featured projects section now. Sit back, enjoy the scenery and get ready to cheer on our riders!


SceneOn Has The Gear You Need

January 31, 2013

When Sceneon and CumminsRoss teamed up with Jeep and iconic adventure athlete Mark Visser, the results were always bound to equal adventure. Shot on location at a rural airport outside of New South Wales, with a brand new Wrangler and a Large Carrier plane, this new spot creates excitement from the first frame to the last, showcasing Jeep as the ultimate thrill seeking vehicle. Check out the TVC in the featured projects section and prepare to get the heart racing.


It's For Territorians

November 14, 2012

Shot over 9 days in the most remote of areas in Australia's Northern Territory, SceneOn teamed up with agency CumminsRoss to deliver the latest set of TVC's for Insurance giant TIO. With a theme that needed to be able to appeal to all Territorians, the crew traveled far and wide and clocked up countless kilometers to get their imagery. SceneOn now invites you to experience their journey in the featured projects section. It's for Territorians... it's also for fans of beautiful cinematography and storytelling. Enjoy.


It's Mid Year, Is it time for a change?

June 13, 2012

Career change anyone? In the Holcomb's latest TVC the sceneon crew went back to their educational roots and hit the campuses of the University of Ballarat for a mid year enrolment campaign. Teaming up with the guys and girls at Cubed Communications, our aim was to create a spot that stressed the importance of finding the right career for you. Using a tongue in cheek approach and a cast of University of Ballarat students, we depicted some of your ordinary Australian workplaces containing some not so ordinary employees. So are you content with your current career path? View the results and judge for yourselves in the featured videos section above.


Ride 2 Rescue

June 08, 2012

24,000kms, 421 days, 4 men, 2 wheels, 1 goal. This is the story of ride2rescue. On April 30th 2011, a team comprised of four young men departed on a journey across the globe for an epic cause. Child trafficking. Along their travels, their thoughtful and clever use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Go-Pro and 5D cameras have made this journey one that has been fun, insightful and easy to access. It is this online capacity as well as the great cause that has made Sceneon proud and excited to produce this project, and turn all these available media sources into a captivating documentary. Stay tuned to find out more about the guys travels and the project.


Going in search of Freedom on two wheels

May 28, 2012

Get your motor running! Sceneon has teamed up with agency CumminsRoss and hit the road in search of 'Freedom' for a new TVC for Swann Insurance. In a shoot that took us from the heart of Melbourne's CBD to the baron plains of our nations center Alice Springs, we captured countless number of motorcycles and their riders doing what they enjoy most. Using a large variety of non traditional shooting rigs we were able to capture unique and beautiful angles of the bikes and our spectacular locations . Hop on and enjoy the open road with us with some of our behind the scenes footage by clicking read more, and make sure to check out the finalised TVC in our featured videos section.


Media spotlight on 'Pinball'

May 17, 2012

Mark 'Chopper' Read. John Jarratt. Two big names; two big personalities. One aspires to Ned Kelly's legend; the other played the iron-armoured legend in a made-for-television movie. On 11th May, Chopper and Jarratt -- and the Carringbush Hotel in Collingwood -- represented the eye of a filmmaking and media storm. Just days after Chopper revealed to the world that he was battling liver cancer, and with Jarratt due to fly to the New Orleans set of Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" the following week, Matt and Trevor Holcomb re-assembled the "Pinball" army to get one more 'Chopper' scene in the can while they could. And journalists from Melbourne's major news organisations, including the Herald Sun and Channels 9 and 10, descended on the Collingwood set to see if they could.



February 25, 2012

Last December, the Holcomb brothers commenced production on their debut feature film, "Pinball", written and directed by Matt and produced and edited by Trevor. "Pinball" is a retelling of Cain and Abel as an urban crime western and features Mark 'Chopper' Read, playing a slightly fictionalised version of himself. "Pinball" is the first Australian feature to be shot with Panavision anamorphic lenses since 1997, and may end up having the dubious honour of being one of the last local features to be shot on 35mm. According to Trevor, "We always wanted to get Chopper for the film and shoot it on 35mm with anamorphic glass. In this business it's hard to get what you want, and to have had a couple of big wins so early is a nice feeling. But an even better feeling is seeing what we've already shot and cut turn out as good as we all hoped it would." www.pinball-movie.com


It's Us Against Them

February 19, 2012

When making a commercial for the biggest sporting club in the country, you need to think on a large scale. Collingwood Football Club's 2012 membership drive was filmed with three cameras, a 60-foot green screen, a Collingwood Army and features a voice over from the incredible Jack Thompson. Joining forces with Spike Creative and the award-winning sound design team at Bang Bang Studios, we built on the previous year's commercial. This time, the Collingwood Army marches up against a 10,000 strong army guarding the MCG like a fortress. Love them or hate them, you have to check it out for yourself.


Behind the Scenes - Adriatic

February 14, 2012

Shooting two commercials in one day is not unusual, but when you have a pair of disparate creative concepts, it should be impossible to find one location that can service them both. The creative duo of Director Matt Holcomb and Producer/ Editor Trevor Holcomb were asked to do just that. Their new series of playful spots for Adriatic Furniture via the Sphere Agency was shot on a sprawling, Hamptons-style estate on the Mornington Peninsula. The unexpected location made what should be impossible, possible - and suited the spots down to a tee. Click here to check out the spots for yourself.


Coming Soon...

January 27, 2012

After last year's successful membership campaign, we were once again asked to create something big for Collingwood Football Club's membership drive. We can't reveal too much at the moment, but one thing is for sure - this year's spot will make last year's look like child's play. Stay tuned...


Behind the scenes - St Kilda Football Club

December 06, 2011

SceneOn has teamed up with Spike Creative to direct a massive spot for St. Kilda Football Club. The 2012 membership drive campaign was filmed over two days, in five locations with three cameras - including one mounted on a helicopter. Team this with the thunderstorm from hell, over 2000 extras and a voice over from Eric Bana, "Line in the Sand" is proof that bigger sometimes really is better.